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Turns out, the only difference between a felony and acquisitions is who’s bankrolling my heist.

I’m about to go from scrounging up enough tip money to make rent to pulling six figures. I’ll finally put those years stealing for my old alpha to good use. Only this time, I’ll be the one calling the shots. My crew. My way.

When a witch starts dabbling in forbidden magic, the Enclave sends me after the demon artifact fueling her power. The job should be simple, except they can’t point me to the culprit or tell me what I’m after.

To make matters worse, they’ve teamed me up with the alpha tracking the witch. Max Volkov was supposed to be my no-strings-attached one-night stand, not my partner. He likes making the rules almost as much as I like breaking them. To get this job done though, we’ll have to work together.

With vampires after my prize, an old enemy gunning for me, and someone trying to take out my crew, I need to find that artifact fast. Something tells me it’s going to take a lot more than a fancy new job title and the Enclave’s backing to keep us all alive.

Brimstone Burglar is the second book in the Riley Cruz series about a goat shifter who steals magical artifacts. If you like fun, fast-paced urban fantasy with quirky characters and a dose of slow-burn romance, this is the book for you.

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