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I’m a goat shifter with a checkered past and sticky fingers. 

I like my new life. I’ve got good friends, cheap booze, and weekly karaoke. Sure, I live in an apartment with more deadbolts than functioning windows. And yeah, I earn just enough tips as a mediocre bartender to buy name brand ramen noodles. But I can be as flamboyant and fun as I want—as long as I keep my hands clean.

When a mysterious stranger strolls into my bar with tales of a magical dagger so rare it’s guaranteed to start a bidding war, that old itch is back. One last heist…for old times’ sake. At least, that’s what I tell myself.

With an uptight alpha werewolf breathing down my neck and a demon hot on my tail, this job could be my downfall. One wrong move, and the pack of werewolves I ran from eight years ago will come looking for payback. Only this time, they won’t leave me breathing. Hopefully, my survival skills are better than my bartending.

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