Riley Cruz Series

Prequel: Boneyard Thief

Cover for Boneyard Thief

Sixteen was supposed to be about fast cars and first kisses, not plotting a heist that might get me killed.

As a scrawny goat shifter in a pack of werewolves, my role is to get into places they can’t go. The alpha who took me in after my parents died molded me into a master thief. For four long years, he’s lined his pockets, while I’ve taken all the risks.

Now he’s sending me after the magical artifact he’s chased for years. This is my chance to escape. All I have to do is pull off the biggest heist I’ve ever attempted, escape the seethe of vampires I’m about to rob, and ditch the wolves who watch my every move.

To walk away from this job alive, I better prove I’m as good at getting out of trouble as I am at wading into it.

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Book 1: Relic Hunter

Cover of Relic Hunter

I’m a shifter with a checkered past and sticky fingers. 

I like my new life. I’ve got good friends, cheap booze, and weekly karaoke. Sure, I live in an apartment with more deadbolts than functioning windows. And yeah, I earn just enough tips as a mediocre bartender to buy name brand ramen noodles. But I can be as flamboyant and fun as I want—as long as I keep my hands clean.

When a mysterious stranger strolls into my bar with tales of a magical dagger so rare it’s guaranteed to start a bidding war, that old itch is back. One last heist…for old times’ sake. At least, that’s what I tell myself.

With an uptight alpha werewolf breathing down my neck and a demon hot on my tail, this job could be my downfall. One wrong move, and the pack of werewolves I ran from eight years ago will come looking for payback. Only this time, they won’t leave me breathing. Hopefully, my survival skills are better than my bartending.

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Coming June 2024

Book 2: Brimstone Burglar

Brimstone Burglar Cover

Turns out, the only difference between a felony and acquisitions is who’s bankrolling my heist.

I’m about to go from scrounging up enough tip money to make rent to pulling six figures. I’ll finally put those years stealing for my old alpha to good use. Only this time, I’ll be the one calling the shots. My crew. My way.

When a witch starts dabbling in forbidden magic, the Enclave sends me after the demon artifact fueling her power. The job should be simple, except they can’t point me to the culprit or tell me what I’m after.

To make matters worse, they’ve teamed me up with the alpha tracking the witch. Max Volkov was supposed to be my no-strings-attached one-night stand, not my partner. He likes making the rules almost as much as I like breaking them. To get this job done though, we’ll have to work together.

With vampires after my prize, an old enemy gunning for me, and someone trying to take out my crew, I need to find that artifact fast. Something tells me it’s going to take a lot more than a fancy new job title and the Enclave’s backing to keep us all alive.

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Brimstone Burglar Audiobook

Coming Aug 2024

Book 3: Magic Heist

Coming July 22, 2024

I’ve coveted a lot of valuables in my life. Magic was never one of them.

My plan was to spend my days on a little team-building, a headquarters’ renovation, and an overdue date with a smoking-hot shifter. Instead, I’m stuck learning to wield a magic as unpredictable as my nature. 

As the first known shifter witch hybrid, my sexy alpha werewolf isn’t the only one pressuring me to join ranks. The local coven is determined to get me under control. With their rules and rituals, they’re worse than a supernatural H.O.A. Too bad, I’m allergic to being told what to do. 

When a demon spell book makes a cameo on a celebrity gossip show, the Enclave hands me the distraction I need. Going undercover on a movie set sounds like a sweet gig. A week of flamboyant costumes, daredevil stunts, and glitzy parties should make it an easy job.

Unfortunately, Los Angeles is a magnet for more than wannabe starlets. If the vampires get their hands on that book of spells, Hollywood won’t be the only place overrun with demons. With an all-access-pass to our world, it’ll take more than my unpredictable magic to hold off the demon war that’s brewing.

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